Welcome to Thermacon

After many years of manufacturing products for other well known insulation companies, and gaining a wealth of knowledge in the insulation industry, Thermacon Insulation Pty. Ltd. was established in March 1996 by the Tomkinson family.

Recognising a need for quality products at affordable prices, Thermacon set about sourcing the finest insulation products the world had to offer. Their search took them from the Middle East to South Africa, from the USA to South East Asia, then to China and Japan, and indeed our own shores of Australia and New Zealand.

Thermacon’s plan of establishing a “One stop shop” for all insulation products including thermal products, acoustic and soundproofing products, ceramic and rockwool products, pipe insulation, steel mesh, foils, tapes, fixing components and adhesives etc. took many years of painstaking research. Products were reviewed and tested, some were accepted and others rejected, all resulting in the Thermacon of today – a company offering the finest quality products in the world, all under one roof.

Whether your project is a domestic house, a commercial building such as a shopping center office or school, or indeed you are in the industrial arena constructing a mine processing plant or refinery, Thermacon has the products for you.

Our personnel, who, jointly have over 140 years experience in the insulation industry, shall be happy to discuss your individual needs, product data, insulation systems, etc. at any time. Please see the “Contact Us” page on this site to determine your best contact within the Company.

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